When he saved her again the Flower Capital, she was simply grateful to be saved again - … I actually find a lot of stuff regarding Hiyori to be kinda contrived and forced. Reiju. She is very gracious, as she was extremely grateful to Zoro for saving her. In the arc of Wano, Zoro happened to crossroads with Hiyori. Before you start commenting I want to remind you that Oda has stated that there won’t be any romance in the crew but he didn’t say anything about members of the crew finding relationships outside of the crew. Does it kinda bother anyone else that the anime is seemingly reading too deeply into Zoro and Hiyori's relationship? Instead, she merely glanced over her shoulder, tilted her head in greeting and returned to stare out the window. Hiyori will do the damsel in distress before somebody saves her. I like my pose *Zoro mimics his statue* [8 hours pass and it is approaching Midnight now. She is the daughter of Kozuki Oden and Momonosuke’s little sister. Hiyori didn’t startle like he thought she would. Tama will do some crappy shit, maybe turn the Smiles into servants. With princess Hiyori’s decision to give Zoro the Enma, Tengu decides to tell everyone about the two swords of Oden. Recently, One Piece put out a new chapter, and it was there fans met up with Zoro. After Zoro beat Kamazou, there was a doki doki onomatopoeia in Hiyori's panel, which indicates that she was swooned by his display. Being the most beautiful girl in all of Wano, Hiyori’s charm is a fever that strikes every man that lays eyes on her, but not Zoro. After talking to him for a while Momonosuke got there with Denjiro. the thing i love about their relationship is that hiyori feels comfortable around zoro due to him not being all gaga at her like all other men and cause he sees her as a woman, not as an orian or something. Again, Oda has a thing for the crew and Princesses. Zoro receives the Meito Enma. Zoro: Hmmmmm. Cuz in the manga, it showed that she only slept with Zoro cuz it was a cold night - no more, no less. Luffy went to Hyogoro's place but he had no food. After being promised a new sword, the Straw Hat was eager to see the blade which Hiyori … Besides, her little brother would love the fact that Zoro became a direct family member after they save Wano. But that's just my unpopular opinion. After Oden’s death and the Kozuki family’s downfall, Tengu has been waiting for the chance to return the two swords, ‘Ama no Habakiri’ and ‘Enma’ to Momonosuke and Hiyori. In her earlier interactions with Orochi or anyone else, she didn't react like that. After Zoro saved her from Kamazo, Hiyori healed his injuries and thanked him, speaking to him in a grateful manner. I'm already cringing at the thought. Taking a few steps, Zoro sat down next to Hiyori and listened to her prayers to the moon. [Enter Zoro and Hiyori] Chopper: Zoro look it's us! the wandering ronin and samurai's daughter. Language: English Words: 1,468 Chapters: 1/1 Comments: 21 Kudos: 80 Bookmarks: 10 Hits: 1368 I don't ship it but I get why others do. While being chased by Kamazo, Hiyori let go of her selfish attitude, pleading for Zoro to help her and Toko. I guess people just like the interactions they have, her and Toko do bring out a slightly vulnerable side to Zoro that we rarely get to see. One Piece is a Shonen action/adventure series well regarded for its world building, dynamic movement, and a few silly jokes here and there. Tengu will give Zoro Nidai Kitetsu at the end of the arc, maybe give info on black swords. However, if there was ever something oddly absent in the series as both an anime and Shonen franchise, it would be the slight hints of romance or attraction between characters or, as the fandom devotees like to put it, shipping.