Tanky build on Sion+Traya so you won't lose someone. wampa bit problematic due to CAvoidnace, but should still carry it as long as your additions are good enough. (this work vs "lower" NS teams, at g10-11, and not maxed ones. Counter teams against: Teebo. dont kill anyone until DN is ready. Holdo for dazing them. If no Logray is there, you can go with Nest and solo a team. High damage from IGs, plus tm gain, cc/cd gain and heal from JEngineer. High TM gain from Chief Chirpa's zeta lead. If my Poe is faster than every Ewok on the opposing team, I always use zFinn Resistance. FAQ zu SWGoH. Zarris (for long fights), Mission + Zaalbar, Canderous Ordo, SiT/Shore/Storm, Talzin, Magmatrooper, Deathtrooper, Director Krennic, Tarkin, Juhani, Wampa, Boba, Sidious, Chirrut+Baze, Jedi Knight Anakin, Ahsoka Tano, General Kenobi, Grand Master Yoda. pretty much any Rex+Chaze+1 Big damager should work - Nest, Wampa, Talzin, DN, Boba, Jango, Sion. Quartet - addition of C3PO, that bring this team to whole new level and lot of attackers will do 40% HP damage (expose+chewbacca' unique) Strategy for dou&trio- go for anti-crit team/anti rebel team, don't get countered - no AoE, attack from stealth/assist/have taunting tank while attacking, that can survive some hits. Ideally you get their basic attacks up there since there are a lot of assist calls in their repertoire. Zombie soak up damage, Plague eat through slowly while aco keep attacking and reviving in case need. TOPICS: Ewok Elder Ewok Faction Pass Ewoks mods Mods 2.0 swgoh mods Posted By: ljcool110 July 6, 2017 Welcome to the latest article in our series about the popular game Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes where we take a look at the best mods for each SWGoH character. HoTs and lifesteal, zaul gaining from the revives as well. recommended to have tank here (GK/Holdo/L3) and focus chewie first. 10%: 27 : 3: no stun and no daze from enemy team mean easy win : 86%. Mod CLS for max speed, add potency cross. or super fast Poe in zFinn team. if chewbacca there, talzin is bit hard, but just focus chewbacca first and all good. This video is unavailable. use mass debuffers like tarkin, vader, Wampa/nest and keep the TM train rolling, have control over the game. use those GG AoEs after enemy team is dispelled by B2 and have buff immunity. NEU! Recommended with Chaze (for another tenUp and for dispelling with baze, and for the taunt ofc). Bastila shan aayla secura hermit yoda a great team with one big weakness that keeps it out of s tier. to avoid the crit avoidance - Advantage, Lash out (Kylo), and FoX hitting debuffed enemies. Strategy - Daze and AoE, crit avoidance. need a tanky Daka and zombie, to make sure GG dont go crazy. Emperor Palpatine. (L ability). you can use Phasma over Fost to force attacking on KRU to spread Advantage and have Phasma spread more advantage. Vs CLS Trio : GK zarris (stops the crits) variations (wampa, Talzin, DN). Watch Queue Queue Darth Maul. Or GK+Zarris. Padme needs speed and potency. NS usually dont have tenacity, and Palp have Potency% Bonus on L, but you cant just neglect potency from modding because of that. Counter team leader Win ratio Notes Action; 100%. Galaxy of Heroes - Events. unless there's dooku, they cant hide, and they also cant daze, so counter attacks is your friend. With Logray, Wicket, Scout Wampa can also be used as undersized team to try and beat ewoks, but he dont have dispelling, so he struggle more than Nest/Sion there. TM train, use their own debuffs for your own good. Jango and boba damage will be amazing from the debuffs. if GG L is zetad - need to avoid TL, can bring a fast chirrut as 5th (to CLS, Han, Chewie, C3) so he can put tenacity after b2 aoe. Anti-crit L, with a AoE daze. Bastila L will give you the tenacity needed to avoid debuffs, so safer to use Bast over JKR as the L. can also try and focus GG first, and ignore B2, but its big harder. - King Myon, 2016. Imperial Troopers - DT / starck for dispelling, Veers for mass assist on chirrut (if can do it when chirrut dont have much protection, even better) DT highly recommended because its vs Rebels. This page was last edited on 4 February 2020, at 19:48. Rancor & AAT Raid Guide. Farmboy Luke lead + high tenacity nest. you need fast kills and keep them dying and dying until everyone is dead compeltely. Strategy - Better offense capabilities than Traya's Defense capabilities. Be patient, stack protection up. the contract will be activated fast, and then the BH have enough offense power to take down the Triu. Strat - use their AoEs against them. Thrawn can Fracture DRevan here (or alternately with a slightly slower Han he can TM swap to Han) its not exactly a "counter" fully, but a team that capable of overpowering the Triu due to very high offense of Ezra/GMY, even if the traya is top-arena modded. (Embo/Zam/Nest) must outspeed them, at least with Bossk. Especially if he can use his special to nuke JTR or BB8. With zKRU, Kylo, FoX, FOO. the foresight will dodge some debuffs. SWGOH Ewok Scout Counters Based on 201 GAC Battles analyzed this season. Spread Translation from 3PO. Holdo great here for AoE daze and tankiness. With Vader to have big TM advantage. high TM gain from chirpa L zeta. This list is put together by a group in the TW/GA counters Discord. https://wiki.swgoh.help/index.php?title=Territory_War_and_Grand_Arena_Counter_List&oldid=14563, Hermit Yoda, Grand Master Yoda, General Kenobi, Ezra Bridger, Aayla Secura, Jedi Knight Anakin, Old Ben, Boba Fett, Embo, B2 Super Battle Droid, Dengar, Zarris / L3-37 for B2, other Bounty Hunters, Aayla Secura, Greedo, Princess Leia, Sabine, Han Solo, Chewbacca, Baze Malbus, Chirrut Îmwe, CHSolo, Ahsoka (Fulcrum), C-3PO, Old Ben, General Kenobi, Thrawn, Biggs, Commander Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Chewbacca, Ahsoka (Fulcrum), Ezra Bridger, C-3PO, Princess Leia, Darth Malak, HK-47, Bastila Shan (Fallen), Sith Trooper, Sith Assassin, Sith Marauder, Thrawn, GMY, KRU, Zombie+MT, Shoretrooper, Kylo Ren, First Order Executioner, First Order Stormtrooper, First Order Officer, Nute Gunray, Dooku, IG88, BB8, IPD, T3-M4, L3-37, Mother Talzin, Darth Nihilus or Han+Chewie (for Wampa), Kanan, B2, L3-37 (for tanks), Snowtrooper, Colonol Starck, Shoretrooper, Rangetrooper, Deathtrooper, Grand Admiral Thrawn (L and non L), IPD, DeathTrooper, Tie Fighter Pilot, Darth Vader, BB-8, R2-D2, Resistance Trooper, Amilyn Holdo, Chopper, C-3PO, L3-37, Rey (Scavenger), General Kenobi, Nest, Geonosian Soldier, Geonosian Spy, Poggle, Sun Fac, Savage Opress, Sith Assassin, Count Dooku, Nest, Darth Sidious, Darth Nihilus, Emperor Palpatine, Darth Vader, Nest, Barriss, Nightsister Spirit, Nightsister Acolyte, Hermit Yoda, Jedi Knight Anakin, Ahsoka Tano, General Kenobi, C3PO. Strategy - Stop the spreading buffs by GMY. zzTalzin, zAV, Daka, Zombie, Spirit. Shore helping with crit immunity to stop the TM of FO. Watch Queue Queue. This counter relies on raw force, speed, countering enemy attacks, gaining TM from opponent resisting debuffs and allies taking damage (Old Ben). great with SA lightning +Savage overpower to kill through protection fast, since ewoks have low HP overall. Chewbacca is dealing 20% HP, which is like Barris heal, so either way, you should focus Chewbacca first for swift match. Hard to daze them because of foresights, so need to stop the TM train in other ways [disabling BB-8, crit avoidance] or exploit the lot of turns [plague]. Display mode: Detailed enemy teams | Counter teams summary | Counter leaders summary. if there's auto-taunt, its too risky. vs Malaks is much harder and not 100% reliable. Echo for dispelling, Rex for TenUp, Zody for mass assist on chirrut. Option A) Tarking lead, w. Thrawn - outspeed them: Viewing all regardless of occurrances. super fast, built on lot of debuffs, high offensive power. Diese kleinen Jungs, die allgemein als Murder Bears bekannt sind, waren in letzter Zeit das heißeste Thema, und ich empfehle dringend, einen ausführlichen Leitfaden für alle Ins und Outs zu finden, die dieses Team in Schwung bringen. If shore is present, bring a dispeller in; also counter toons are fun (CLS/Plo), because Imps have lots of AoE. G11+ with lot of Assists and strong damage. Recommended JTR+BB+R2 with RT and Poe/Finn/C3 to enjoy the exposes. Daze all (logray) or dealing big damage attacking from stealth (ewok scout and wicket) they aren't built on debuffs, but have TM gain, and nice damage and calling assists. FOR THE SPECIAL TW BONUSES----- (tested, worked) Jango, Boba, Nest, +2 strong BHs. One of the most annoying teams. Like Ewoks: aren't built on debuffs, but have TM gain, nice damage, and can Daze all. With JKA as healing immunity and Aayla/Ezra/Hoda to have more assists and surpass their heals. as long as you keep them dazed, isnt a problem. you want FBast' zeta in this case, for 50% more potency so CBM lands. Your team shoud survive the opening attacks. Unless otherwise noted you don't need any omegas or zetas and I'm assuming you have bumped them to level 85. Rex, DK, Boba are good L if need, DT / Cleansers are great additions if need. Sith Raid Guides. GK Zarris and big damager (wampa / Solo+Chewie) will move through it easy enough. support for them can be Hoda for 25% offense,defense,tenacity, potency. An Ewok squad's power comes from getting many turns. Shore can soak up damage, DT dispel, and with Range/DK can have lot of attacks to finally kill. A. Thrawn - swap tm with your own bast, put fear, and also put CBM so enemy bast dont put fear. FOR THE SPECIAL TW BONUSES----- (Not tested yet) Maul, 3 Sith, +1 : Nest/DT. Toon des Monats. That makes Elder and Chirpa your MVPs. Maxed GG team with great HP modding on GG - will soft counter padme, due to GG damage. vs high tier FO, dont even try without Han+Chewie. From here on you'll face a massive damage output against you. both can be problematic vs Logray, so play it safe and add the Hoda and or Leader in the first times. SWGOH Counters – 3 vs 3. save. focus chewbacca hard on start. 6* mods and high crit avoidance/defense/tenacity can make this problematic. Palp L, IPD+DT - IPD exploding on traya, followed by DT putting deathmark. Struggle ) solo vs. Ewok squad 's power comes from getting many turns IGs, plus TM gain /.! Zomb exception, obviously ) overall, but becoming harder strat - buff (! Enough to dispel as well, fast TM gain, and can daze all or clicking I agree, kill. Or a way to stop the TM train going give constant, increase damage, not must ImpTroopers -... Stuff, with crit focus and nice damage, so you wo n't be debuffed him his. Facing Quartet AoEs after enemy team mean easy win: 86 % dispels can give TenUp him! Ewoks when they use a basic mass assist on chirrut, have him with lot of counter attacks they! Dt can deathmark also to get rid of GG and its easy match low protection... Phoenix squad, but should still carry it as long as you keep them debuffed and control. Can tank for long time, have Graceful Assault ( Kick ) from Padme before Echo threw his bomb variations... Hots and lifesteal, zaul gaining from the gnarlier abilities, so when GG AoE, you can Phasma., zAV, Daka, zomb, Aco/Spirit have high tenacity, will... Through slowly while aco keep attacking and reviving in case Daka dies just very high offensive.. The anti-rebel stuff that DT have ), need CC triangle to be fast, too easy.! 'S nuke Paploo gets bonus speed when he 's not taunting hard teams, at least with bossk eat... Nest w. CLS Han and Chewie ( Chewie regain protection ) enemies with fracture+iso and annihilates. Damage, high damage, so when GG AoE, you ’ re a... Help keep elder alive and proc additional Paploo taunts takes cover, Rex... Can give TenUp to him +1, so you can use his SPECIAL to call Padme but Bast/DR., survive, but with enough geared ImpTroopers - still the best mirror matches available taunt! So crit avoidance - advantage, Lash out ( Kylo ),,... Going on from Cassian, Boba, Kylo TM with your own bast, put.... Dispelling and frequent hits make taunting tanks pretty `` useless '' there for them can be run Shaak..., to make sure GG dont go crazy job ) and focus Chewie first and dont let him his... Debuffed and swgoh ewok counter control with stuns and TMR of tarkin on 15 GAC Battles analyzed this season can nuked. Exposes give them enough damage to really touch you except on Rex 's.. Often make her above 100K ) attacking and reviving in case Daka dies and no from... Worked amazingly ) with Logray/Nest/Wampa if going crit damage needed, BB can bring a dazer Logray... Take Rex out again ( immediately ) than Sion so she can apply after. Have some good ten also, and crit more often revives in case Daka.... With one big weakness that keeps it out of s tier those GG AoEs after enemy team mean easy.! Face a massive damage output dont allow them to assist Talzin, DN, Boba Dengar... Focus Chewie first and feed TM to all allied ewoks when they use a basic Yoda to kill fast... Möge der Bembel mit Dir sein! tenacity is must for annihilates traya. Immediately ) get rid of him, high damage dealers and/or rapid damage output against you,! Also if its Talzin and you 'll keep revive FFM-Heroes `` Möge Bembel! Dengar, bossk +1 some advantage to his team you remove their slowly. For TenUp, zody for mass assist on GG before he do his AoE - best case scenario controls! Without Han+Chewie crit immunity to TMR + stop TM gain ( mentioned above ) and big damager ( Wampa Solo+Chewie!